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Unlock the Curbsid Advantage: Exclusive Pilot Program!

Experience the power of streamlined order pickup with our exclusive pilot program. Inquire now to discover how Curbsid can enhance your restaurant's operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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About Us

Our mission is to empower restaurant chains to excel in today's dynamic landscape. We are dedicated to optimizing customer experiences and operational efficiency, elevating your brand to new heights.

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Case Study

See the transformation Curbsid brought to The Buona Companies. They experienced a 300% increase in curbside pickups within 3 months, leading to improved loyalty and efficiency.

"It's improving the overall curbside experience...we're getting a lot more repeat guests."

Dominic Fallara, Director Of Operations at The Buona Companies

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Why Curbsid is Essential for Chain Success

Curbsid transforms order pickup for restaurant COOs, operations managers, and franchise owners of chains with 20+ locations. Streamline pickups, amplify engagement, and optimize operations.

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Enhanced Efficiency

Streamline operations, minimize wait times, and optimize throughput.

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Increased Sales

Elevate customer satisfaction and drive increased sales with a seamless order pickup experience.

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Branding Strength

Elevate your brand's perception with intuitive, customer-centric engagements.

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Powerful Insights

Gain deep insights into customer behavior and operational performance, driving informed decisions.

Seamless Order Pickup for Modern Chains

Discover how Curbsid revolutionizes order pickup.

How it Works

  1. Order: Customers place their food orders directly through your restaurant's app or website.
  2. Confirmation: Customers receive an order confirmation email with convenient links for when they're en route or have arrived.
  3. En Route Notification: (Optional) Customers can inform you they're on their way by clicking a link in the email.
  4. Arrival: Customers reach your location.
  5. Order Pickup Options: Customers have two easy options:
    1. Customers can click the link in their email.
    2. Customers can scan a QR code located in the parking lot or at the host stand.
  6. Notification: When a customer arrives, your restaurant is instantly notified.
  7. Two-Way Communication: Our Curbsid Restaurant app enables seamless communication. Your staff can message waiting customers via text messaging.
  8. Delightful Experience: With real-time interaction, your staff ensures a smooth experience. Fresh food is delivered, and customers leave satisfied."

Transforming Order Pickup: Curbsid Features

Curbsid empowers you with tailor-made features designed for restaurant chains. Experience enhanced order management and elevate your customer satisfaction.

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Accurate Arrival Anticipation

Real-time GPS-based forecasts ensure food freshness upon pickup.

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Comprehensive Analytics

Gain insights into order counts, wait times, execution performance, and more.

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Automated Service Recovery

Repair endangered customer relationships with automated follow-ups.

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Multi-Location Management

Centrally manage and monitor all locations for seamless oversight.