The Curbsid Lobby Experience

Customize what happens when a customer arrives for services!

Customer Drives Up To Your Business

Your customer arrives on time (or near enough). They are ready to quickly and safely get services from your team.

Customer Sees Signs

Your customer should be seeing signs telling them where to go & what to do.
 Sign placement and visibility are crucial.


Customer Checks In (or should we say Texts In )

Your customer follows directions on the signs and texts your team to let them know they have arrived.

Instant Gratification via Instant Responsiveness

Your customer receives an auto-response, letting them know you have been notified of their arrival.

We got your message. Please send us your name and appointment time.

Open and Clear Communication

Your customer and your team can message each other directly all through the waiting period.

Yay! It is their turn!

Invite your customer in and mark their wait complete.
Your customer can still reopen the exchange for a little while.

We are ready for you! Come on in.

All is right for your customer, and they will be back!

It is important everyone knows how easy your Curbsid experience is. Have signs encouraging them to share.